Quickly launch promotions for targeted customer acquisition.

Competition for customers is at an all-time high. Get the speed and flexibility you need to seize more opportunities.

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Use the right promotion type for every campaign.

Unique codes

Send customized offers through direct marketing channels for superior tracking and personalization.

Public codes

Use global promotions through mass communication channels to improve reach and simplify conversion.


Automate promotions and add them directly to user accounts, targeted by your marketing software.

Easily customize every promotion.

Delight customers with incentives and promotions that are built with them in mind. Using Lightrail’s rules-based promotion system, you can craft promotions for specific customers, products, timeframes, and more. 10% off shoes over the holidays. $5 off for residents of New York. Whatever your team can dream up, Lightrail is flexible enough to get it done.

Gain insight and a clear ROI.

Get all the data you need to get clear attribution and return on investment insights. View and compare conversion rates, usage, and overspend. Use tags to create new segments within Lightrail based on customer behavior. Then pull that data into your other tools for advanced analytics and a single view of customer.

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