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Customer loyalty programs are often one size fits all, but where’s the strategy in that? Lightrail integrates with your data and allows you to build smart, strategic promotions and point programs.

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Build long-term relationships with your customers.

Reward regulars and give them reasons to keep coming back. Use purchases to trigger customized promotional offers automatically based on their behavior. Learn what your customers like, and give them more of it.

Build long-term relationships with your customers

Go beyond points.

Points are only part of the story. Make the right offer at the right time. Earn customer loyalty with timely offers, personalized incentives, and meaningful rewards.

Build long-term relationships with your customers
Get to know

Get to know your customers

When new customers join, keep them engaged with promotions that react to their behavior. Earn their loyalty by making the right offer at the right time, and retain more customers.


Engage (and re-engage)

Don’t let unused revenue go unrealized. Keep track of inactive accounts and unused gift cards, and then send your customers reminders and incentives to come back.

Start small, then scale up.

With a smart gift card program up and running, impress your customers even more by growing your customer retention program. Track accounts, monitor usage, and integrate information from your CRM for smarter promotions.

Start Small, then scale up

Create personalized incentives, quickly.

Don’t rely on broad demographics. Integrate information from your CRM to create customer segments, and drive customer retention with smart, automated promotions.

Create personalized incentives, quickly

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