Flexible Pricing

Lightrail works with businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.


Perfect for getting started


Billed Monthly

  • 50 free transactions / month
  • $0.03 / transactions


Perfect small to medium sized teams


Billed Annually

  • 50 free transactions / month
  • $0.02 / transactions


Perfect for large teams with big goals


Reach out for a quote

  • Tiered pricing on transaction volume
  • Onboarding and implementation services
  • Infosec review and compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a transaction?

A transaction is any order processed through Lightrail’s checkout API endpoint, or any debit, credit, cancellation, refund or transfer of any value in Lightrail. Modifying a value using pending, void, frozen, or unfrozen states does not constitute a transaction. Transaction made in the test account do not incur any fees.

How are transaction fees billed?

Transactions are calculated and charged monthly regardless of tier. Lightrail calculates the total number of transactions during the previous month and if there are transactions, Lightrail issues produces and transmits an invoice and bills your credit card.

When should I upgrade to the next pricing tier?

You should consider upgrading from Startup to Business once you are regularly doing more than 59,000 transactions per month. If you start regularly spending more than $3500/month in the Business tier, please contact Lightrail to discuss moving to the Custom Enterprise tier.

Can I test before going live in production?

Yes. We provide test accounts and API keys for all your development and testing needs. Your developers will even have a direct way to contact our integrations team with questions, without the need to go through your account manager or a sales rep.

Am I able to import my existing gift cards, credits, or codes? When should I upgrade to the next tier?

Yes. You can do so via Lightrail’s API. Lightrail team can provide some guidance and tools to assist you, if you reach out to us.