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After all, your customer relationships are the key to growing your business.

Our Story

Lightrail emerged from a growing dissatisfaction we saw in the digital landscape. Apps, marketplaces, and software companies were struggling to find a solution for gift cards and promotions that was robust enough to truly engage their customers, and simple enough to integrate quickly and keep the focus on growth and strategy. The options were either off-the-shelf products with major limitations or huge investments to build proprietary solutions. Neither avenue was right.

We wanted to build something for online businesses with the functionality of something they’d build themselves while giving them the freedom and flexibility to respond to opportunities and changing demands.

Lightrail is the answer. It’s an alternative payments platform that starts with drop-in gift cards and grows with your business, to include promotions, customer segmentation, and smart incentive programs. It’s everything you need to build a lasting relationship with your customers.

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